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RACS® - Recruitment Academy® Certified Sourcer [ENG]

This course aims to inform participants about the new trends and methods of recruitment and talent sourcing. Participants will discover the context of modern recruitment trends based on its development and history of staffing. Also they will learn about practical new techniques of sourcing and contacting candidates on social networks or via phone.


2 days


11.–12.12.2018 (9:00 - 16:30)


Recruitment Academy, Václavské náměstí 1, Praha 1




Akademická rada v čele s Janem Mühlfeitem


12 900 CZK + VAT
50 % discount for a second attendee from the same company.
RACS® - Recruitment Academy® Certified Sourcer [ENG]

Target group

Researchers, Talent Sourcers, Recruiter, HR students and other specialists, who are preparing for careers in the field of recruitment.


Josef Kadlec RACA®
  • First certified LinkedIn Recruiter in Czech Republic
  • First LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter in CEE
  • Graduated from the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering and a former software engineer
  • Unconventional IT headhunter and Recruitment Architect
  • Founder of recruitment agency GoodCall and Recruitment Academy
  • Author of the book People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment
  • Author of Recruitment Engineering
  • Contributor to Hireconomics


Milan Novák RACM®
  • More than 17 years of experience implementing recruitment strategies and work with talent
  • Former Branch Manager, Country Manager, Regional Managing Director CEE of Grafton Recruitment and board member of Grafton Europe in Dublin
  • Managed an agency with more than 350 employees
  • Now the CEO and founder of recruitment agency GoodCall and Recruitment Academy
  • Milan is a member of the Board of Association of Personnel Services Providers
Eoin Hanley FCIPD
  • More than 20 years of experience in strategic HR environment with an emphasis on training and recruitment
  • He worked in regional roles in companies as Amazon and PwC and advised other local and international companies in the fields of electronics, FMCG, financial services, banking, car sales and production
  • A qualified Executive Coach and a member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Each participant will gain

  • 2 days of intensive training and final certification exam
  • Updated training manual
  • RACS® Certification with signatures of the academic council members - Jan Mühlfeit, Jan Bubenik, Milan Novak, Josef Kadlec, Muriel Anton and Romana Martincová
  • Lifetime email support for solving individual problems
  • Access to social media groups with exclusive content and updates only for certified sourcers
  • Free or preferential access to Recruitment Academy events and webinars

Annotation RACS® - Recruitment Academy® Certified Sourcer [ENG]

Day 1 - Modern Recruitment and its evolution

  • History and theory of recruitment
  • New era of recruitment and talent sourcing
  • Global Recruitment Trends 2018 
  • “Life cycle” of a candidate / employee
  • Description of the recruitment process step by step
  • Introduction to employer branding
  • Importance of EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
  • Role of New Technology in Recruitment
  • Unique Candidate Experience - case studies
  • Understanding the job description and the persona we are looking for
  • The strategy of using suitable source channels for sourcing
  • Setting criteria for a successful recruitment process


Day 2 - Sourcing, principles of candidate engagement (candidate’s involvement) technology

  • Phenomenon called passive candidate (active vs. passive candidate)
  • How to find the most suitable candidates
  • Sourcing, sourcing, sourcing!
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Detailed description of the search techniques (Boolean Search, etc.).
  • X-ray Search - searching social networks with usage of search engines
  • Contacting and obtaining the commitment of candidates via social networks
  • Strategies of networking
  • HR Technology
  • Personal branding of successful talent sourcer
  • How to reach passive candidates and foundations of headhunting
  • Recruiting via phone
  • Selection of appropriate candidates due to the job description
  • Final test and evaluation

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